First Visit To The Dentist

For many people going to the dentist causes them much nervousness and fear. This fear is unfounded today as new technologies and advances in medicine have minimized the pain of visits and improved patient comfort. However, fear has been inherited from generation to generation without regard to going to the dentist in the s. XXI is not like going to the dentist 80 years ago.

The ideal thing to avoid the predicted stress is that people become familiar with the consultation. S I go to the dentist for regular checkups when the treatment the visit takes much more relaxed needed. The same thing happens with the children, if while they are little we take them annually to a tailor made revision when they grow up they are no longer afraid to the dentist.

It is recommended that you visit the dentist annually from age 3 until old age. However, if you do not follow the recommended annual reviews, it is very important that if you notice any changes such as pain in eating, blood in the gums or dental malformations, see your dentist as soon as possible.

Usually all dental consultations or clinics follow the same protocol for first visits. In the first visits of the Carol Clinic Coordinator treatment the patient receives explaining what to do in the office and what will happen.

After filling out a short form, the patient’s chart and discuss the problem with the patient, proceed to perform diagnostic tests and Digital Analysis Smile. At the end of the examination, the patient will be given a personalized treatment plan and a budget. La Clinical offers tailor made financing to suit all needs.