How To Remove Dental Plaque

Virtually every person has some amount of dental plaque despite how much they brush or how much they floss. Many are confident that their dentists will be able to eliminate plaque buildup when they make their visits twice a year for review and cleaning, as it should.

But did you know that you can remove much more of the plaque than you might believe? Here are some tips.

What is Dental Plate?

Dental plaque is a sticky layer that contains millions of bacteria that build up in your teeth and that increase in quantity with the passage of time. The bacteria on dental plaque can cause cavities, tooth decay and even gum disease if it is not removed regularly when brushing teeth and flossing twice a day.

The bacteria work with sugars and starches in the food to create acids that corrode the enamel of your teeth. If this continues for a long time, the enamel may wear out until it causes dental caries.

If you do not brush or floss enough, the dental plaque may harden and become what is called tartar. If bacteria, plaque, and tartar build up, your gums may become inflamed and turn red (and even bleed when you brush your teeth). This is a sign of a slight gum disease known as gingivitis. If this disease worsens, periodontal disease can develop, which can lead to tooth loss. Excess plaque buildup and tartar can also cause bad breath.

How to remove the dental plaque

Your dentist removes plaque buildup and tartar in ways that cannot be replicated at home. If your dentist finds that you have an excess in the plaque cluster, you may need deep cleansing to remove the plaque that lies between the teeth and around the gums.

Your dentist may recommend that you visit it three or even four times a year. It is important to take into account that the additional cost of visits is worth to have healthier teeth and gums when you are older, period during which habits of poor oral hygiene cause dental disease and loss of teeth.

Brushing and flossing can keep plaque under control. But if you notice a further increase in the plaque cluster, here are some home remedies to remove plaque from your teeth. Always consult your dentist first before beginning any home remedy.