Learn about teeth whitening


The procedure takes about an hour, however, you should keep in mind that between the procedure and the exam, the appointment can last approximately 90 minutes, there is no way to make it shorter. Before the procedure, you will need to fill out some forms of paperwork about it. If you have gone to your dentist’s medical office, you will also have to fill out other papers, which may take a little more time. Next, you will have a quick examination so that your dentist can make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy enough for whitening, and to check if you have any type of dental restoration, such as bridges or crowns. Also, if you have not participated in a dental cleaning process recently, you may need one, even if it has been some time since your last professional dental cleaning, we suggest a complete dental cleaning BEFORE investing in a whitening, For a complete removal, to make sure to eliminate any superficial stain or calculus can make a major difference. Once everything is in order, your dentist will be more than ready to start your whitening sessions.

Start the process

The actual whitening procedure begins with the protection of your gums and soft tissues. This means that we must put retractors on your cheeks and enough rolls of cotton to keep your upper and lower teeth without touching each other. It is a necessary evil, but do not worry, it will end soon and the results will have been worth it. Next, your dentist will place a protective layer on your gums. The bleaching agent used in this process is powerful, so it is important to be careful in this step.

Banking the teeth

Once this is done, a layer of the whitening agent is placed on the teeth (only the front surfaces) and we place the light in front of the teeth. You will have orange safety glasses for this part of the program. Once the whitening begins, your dentist will look at the clock for 15 minutes and maybe give you a remote control so you can enjoy your favorite programming.

A complete whitening procedure consists of 4 sessions of 15 minutes. Do not worry, he or she will be nearby to check you regularly, in case you need something.

After each session, you will be adding more bleaching agent (it may be necessary to adjust the light at some point). The dentist will check your progress to see how your teeth are. Note that some sessions go so well that there are people who choose to finish earlier so that their teeth do not reach a target too intense. Others, however, will be decided by the full hour. When the time is up, your dentist will do a mouthwash to remove any residue that may remain, and it will also give your lips a bit of transition time to their normal state, while perhaps giving you a mirror to admire the results. Although it is not possible to guarantee a particular white tone (since there are many variables depending on the patient), many see a change of 2 to 3 tones and notice a big difference.

On the way to the door with your magnificent smile, your dentist will finally give you an extensive list based on the food, drink and vices that you should avoid during the next 48 hours. Since you do not want to get depressed, I may not tell you everything that is on the list, but keep in mind that if it’s red, dark, spicy or salty, you probably cannot eat it or drink it; Smoking is strictly prohibited, really. That film we mentioned earlier also protects the teeth from re-staining on the surface, and it takes approximately 48 hours to regrow. Reason why we suggest that you whiten your teeth at the beginning of the week, so you do not feel tempted on a Friday or Saturday night.