Orthodontics for adult’s benefits

In recent years there has been an increase in orthodontic treatments in adults, which can lead to the erroneous belief that orthodontics for adults is a fad. Nothing is further from reality. The reasons that explain the increase of orthodontic treatments, not only in children and adolescents, but also in adults are several:

  • More information about the importance for oral health and general having teeth aligned,
  • Aesthetic reasons,
  • The spectacular aesthetic and comfort advances experienced by orthodontic systems.

The comfort, aesthetics and effectiveness of orthodontic treatments for adults are three of the factors that most often concern patients.

Orthodontics has no age. Orthodontics is also for Orthodontics for adults

The strong impulse that the field of dentistry has received in recent times in terms of research and development, both in terms of improving techniques and quality materials, has also been reflected in orthodontics. This has resulted in patients being able to undergo totally aesthetic orthodontic treatments, such as transparent orthodontics with Envisaging, or aesthetic orthodontics Incognito, and comfortable. And all this with the same effectiveness as traditional orthodontic treatments with braces.

Orthodontic treatments have no age among other reasons because they are not effective only during adolescence. Orthodontics is effective at any age.

All this has a positive effect on patient satisfaction. Thus, according to data provided by the American Association of Orthodontics, 92 percent of patients who undergo orthodontic treatment ensures that they would recommend orthodontics to other adults. Orthodontics for adults provides important benefits both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Orthodontics for adults: prevention and treatment

Orthodontics is not only intended to improve or solve problems related to mouth function and oral and general health, but can help prevent problems such as bone loss and / or mandibular joint changes. All this, without forgetting that orthodontics for adults improves the aesthetics of the smile and the facial aesthetics, contributing to look younger and, therefore, to improve the patient’s self-esteem.