Tips for children’s teeth (brushing teeth)

When to start brushing?

From the eruption of the first teeth or even before: a simple cleaning of the mouth with a wet compress before the eruption of the first teeth, eliminates bacteria.

How to teach brushing?

The child learns a lot by imitation: the ideal is therefore to offer him to brush his teeth as a family, so that he wants to “do like the grown-ups” and ritually; just as he learns to wash every day, he will learn to brush his teeth after meals. This can start as a game, before becoming a regular habit: the parent brushes the child’s teeth and the child brushes those of his parent. But beware of everyone’s toothbrush!

When to brush your teeth?

The brushing should be done regularly, every night, at the very small and then twice a day from two years (morning and evening) before going to 3 times for the older ones. Brushing is done after meals and should not be followed by food intake (solid or liquid) or medication.

Who brushes?

Brushing must be done by one of the parents in the toddler and progressively, the child will learn but it is up to parents to hold the neck until 7-8 years.

With what?

Take a suitable material: brush with synthetic and flexible strands, with a small head not exceeding the diameter of a piece of 10 cents

Toothpaste? In general, no toothpaste or a small trace before 2 years with a weakly concentrated toothpaste (250 ppm). From the age of 6, the recommended toothpaste contains 1000 to 1500 ppm.

How to brush?

It is necessary to settle comfortably: on the changing mat, then the child standing or sitting, the head of the child well in support against the person who brushes. The parent opens the child’s mouth, first brushes it down, easier with back and forth movements, the toothbrush the dental arches, modifying the orientation of the brush to pass the side tongue and side plays.

It is recommended to do twenty times the movements before changing the semi-arch and move to the upper arch. The child is asked to spit excess toothpaste as soon as he knows how to do it.