Modern and white teeth

The need to have oral health without problems is gaining strength in our society, in which the oral aesthetic also counts.

Dentistry is one of the fields of medicine where science has taken important steps in many ways, but people are not always aware of their possibilities in the dental practice.

Explain that there have been advances; In dentistry, we can observe and witness how they have covered very important areas: aesthetic dentistry, implantology, restorations made with CAD-CAM technology, blocking techniques and more precise anesthesia, use of computer-based radiographs.

A visit to the dentist                       

Things are not the same as before and going to the dentist is something different: In short, a wide range of advances allows us to have a cutting-edge practice.

Very contrary to this concept of restorative technology, I would consider it right to put ourselves in an accent of preventive technology, in which patients, dentists and companies related to dentistry must develop a different formula where the main objective is to promote preventive dentistry and not restorative dentistry.

In 21st century patients must have a concept developed in the awareness of taking care of factors such as dental culture, which translates into visiting the dentist at least twice a year, culture of prevention, aesthetic culture, eating habits and Well-established oral hygiene protocols.

A bright spot

And since the aesthetic has a special value, there is a growing trend: the creation of cosmetic products to improve the appearance, color and health of the teeth, such as the Crest 3D White whitening regime, which consists of paste, brush, rinse mouth and the new White strips.

This plan is easy to obtain and apply in patients, but, says the expert, will work better and with optimal results in those patients who have a stable and healthy oral health status. In addition, with White strips, people can see results in just three days and without risking the enamel of their teeth, since it has the same ingredients that dentists use?